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Product Name / Description

Blood Transfusion Sets
Product Name : Blood Transfusion Sets
Description : Offering a wide range of blood transfusion sets by Angiplast. Thi.....

Yankaur Suction Set
Product Name : Yankaur Suction Set
Description : Yankaur Suction Set is suitable for convenient removal of secreti.....

Guedel Airways
Product Name : Guedel Airways
Description : Guedel Airways are suitable for maintaining an unobstructed oroph.....

Nasal Oxygen Cannula
Product Name : Nasal Oxygen Cannula
Description : Nasal Oxygen Cannula - also known as Twin Bore Nasal Oxygen Set i.....

I . V. Sets
Product Name : I . V. Sets
Description : Offering widest ranges of I . V. Sets by Angiplast for Infusion /.....

Paediatric Set
Product Name : Paediatric Set
Description : This Paediatric Set from Angiplast is offered with various featur.....

Ryles Tube
Product Name : Ryles Tube
Description : This Ryles Tube by Angiplast is specially designed for patient un.....

Urethral Catheter
Product Name : Urethral Catheter
Description : This Urethral Catheter by Angiplast is designed for use in urolog.....

Nasal Oxygen Catheter
Product Name : Nasal Oxygen Catheter
Description : This Nasal Catheter by Angiplast is designed for administration o.....

Thoracic Catheter
Product Name : Thoracic Catheter
Description : This Thoracic Catheter is suitable for post operative drainage af.....
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