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Bottle blowing machines today, are enhanced by new technology. Due to advent of two stage blowing, spearheaded by Chinese companies in mid nineties, followed by Indian Machines growth, Indian entrepreneurs have wide variety of choices available for bottles, Jars etc. Capable to blow 500ml bottles upto 20 litres Jars. The integral part of this machine is Blowing unit, Preform infra-red heating unit, Compressor, Dryer, Moulds of the product. Though integral part of the blowing station, size, dimension, shape of the product as well as mould polishing play a very crucial role in giving a perfect look and shine to the final product. The blowing station contains hydraulic rods with adjustable flow as well as speeds that make vertical blowing of a heated preform. At the same time the compressed air distributor makes blowing in two stages. The container in which product needs to be packed is equally important, since the quality has to be retained for a long time. A good blowing station with a perfect mould ensures Proper heating of the preforms, even distribution of the material and transparency of the container.

Indian manufacturers have made good progress in this regard and have come out with lighter preform blowing arrangements, dual blowing arrangements for optimum capacity and uniform blowing. These flexible and compact blowing systems result in outstanding production and are versatile for a wide range of applications. They not only have automatic operation, bottle weight reduction, and proportional hydraulic stretching features but can also manage simple and reliable transport of preforms.

Bottle Blowing Stations, Wholesale Bottle Blowing Stations from India
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