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Laboratory For Water Testing
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Water constitutes 60% of the adult body and 75% of a child`s body therefore the quality of water that we consume is of prime concern. If not paid attention to, water can be life threatening even causing death. Water testing is done in laboratories as it determines the standard and quality of water. Bureau of Indian Standards emphatically requires regular in- house testing of physical, chemical and microbiological parameters by trained chemist and microbiologist. This trained chemist and a microbiologist should be present at all times during the production process. At the time of inspection, the BIS Technical staff checks the following so that the final product is absolutely salubrious. 1. Required lab equipments. 2. Reagents for testing. 3. Glass ware. The water testing equipments are of high quality and give concrete results. The level of hygiene, especially in microbiological lab is of utmost importance and the same can play a crucial role in the results of the sample. Genuine water quality testing takes place in this laboratory to give the consumer water that not only looks, smells or tastes good but is also 100% bacteria free.
Laboratory For Water Testing, Wholesale Laboratory For Water Testing from India
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