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Mamko Machines Fabricators Pvt. Ltd.
Expert In Manufacturing Different Machineries For Difficult Mixing And Physical Separations.
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Hydrocyclone is the most attractive device for removing solid particles from liquids. It utilizes the centrifugal force to effect the separation. The separation of solids from liquids depends on the particle size and particle density. Centrifugal force throws the particles out against the wall and they subsequently drop into the outlet hopper. Cyclone consists of vertical cylinder with conical bottom. The inlet point is near the top of the cylindrical portion while the particles separated are collected at the bottom. Hydrocyclone can be used to collect the particles in the range of 5 to 20 micron. It is cost effective because of simplicity in fabrication and requires minimum or no maintenance, as there are no moving parts. The success of hydrocyclone is in its design. MAMKO with their thorough knowledge of physical technology has developed a unique method of designing the cyclone dimensions. The design procedure takes into account particle density, size, shape and also Rheology of the slurry. Hydrocyclone is equally useful to separate heavy liquid from an emulsion (not the highly stable type). This particular unit has a tremendous utility in the process industry. They can form an important part of a loop in Multiphase Reactor System, Fluidised Solid/Liquid Contactor/Reactor System, Liquid/Liquid Extraction System. On their own they are excellent tools to reduce load on expensive filters and deemulsification devices. Hydrocyclone are extremely useful in providing protection and increasing efficiency of Spray Nozzles, Heat Exchanger and Pump Seals. Thus, their applications are plenty in all type of process industry as well as in effluent treatment. Mamko has made them available in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steels and Titanium. The company also takes active part in designed and developing other superior quality products that include wide range of Nano-Emulsifier, Mixing Eductors, Jet Mixers, High Intensity Blenders, scarped Surface Heat Exchangers and many others.
Hydrocyclone, Wholesale Hydrocyclone from India
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