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Marine Rubber Industries
A Firm Indulged In Manufacturing Spectrum Range Of Industrial Rubber Hoses In India.
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Cement Grouting Hose
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" Marine " branded Cement Grouting Hose is specially recommended for conveying moist sand and cement to cement placement mixing gun nozzles. Also, recommended for conveying wet concrete and grouting mixtures, under pressure. This construction of this particular hose is completed with an anti-static copper wire for electric conductivity and is suitable for working pressure of 10 kg/cm2g. These " Marine " branded products are superior in quality and provide maximum advantage. Cement Grouting Hose works in the temperature from -40C to 60C continuous service. The outer part of the tube is made from uniform thickness seamless synthetic rubber while the inner tube is blended with abrasion, age and weather resistant rubber. Secondly, the cover is completed with static dissipating, synthetic abrasive resistant rubber along with gray strip. Thirdly, the reinforcement construction of Cement Grouting Hose is in layers of high synthetic textile impregnated with elastomeric material. All these make this particular hose a perfect industrial utility item.

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Cement Grouting Hose, Wholesale Cement Grouting Hose from India
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