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Simic Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
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Dipped Mica Capacitors
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SIMIC Dipped Mica Capacitors are designed to meet the exacting physical, electrical and environmental requirements of the MIL-C-5 and RS-153 specifications. Simic Dipped Micas are permanently marked in a manner designed to withstand the environment requirements of the applicable MIL and EIA specifications, as also the permanency and durability requirements of MIL-M-13231. All SIMIC dipped mica capacitors are manufactured with copper-clad steel leads. The copper-clad leads are annealed and manufactured with steel wire SAE 1010 or SAE 1006; having a 30% minimum conductivity copper coating. Because of their tendency to remain extremely stable against heat over full equipment life, they are mostly used in the manufacture of oscillator circuits, logic and transmission circuits, D.C. Voltage blockings, filters, delay lines etc. They also have high insulation resistance with wide operating temperature range. These capacitors are particularly useful when close tolerance and capacitance stability are required. These are indicated by letters CM or DM followed by two digits identifying case size. Again, they are identified by a single letter indicating stability with change in temperature. The company provides normal production with straight radial leads. Crimped and/or cut variations are available on order from customers and the capacitors with working coltage of 1000 VDC, 2500 VDC are also offered on order.
Dipped Mica Capacitors, Wholesale Dipped Mica Capacitors from India
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