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Simic Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
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Chip Mica Capacitors
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The capacitance value of these chip mica capacitors when measured at 1Mhz is well within tolerable limits while the disspation factor will be less than 0.001 at 1Mhz. Insulation Resistance will be better than 100,000 Megaohms when measured at 100 Vdc. Chip Mica Capacitors have the ability to withstand two times the rated voltage for 5 seconds without damage. The capacitors, when subjected to a temperature of 40C and 90 to 95% humidity for 500 hours and allowed normalization 0f 24 hours, will show capacitance charge within 3% or 0.5pf (whichever is more). The Dissipation factor will be within 0.015 and insulation resistance better than 30,000 Megaohms and when these capacitors are subjected to 150% of rated voltage at 85C, they will have maximum capacitance charge of 2 or 0.5pF and the dissipation factor will not exceed 0.015.
Chip Mica Capacitors, Wholesale Chip Mica Capacitors from India
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