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Vaishali Book Centre
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Company Profile

For over 22 years Vaishali Book Center has been publishing as well as distributing Jewelry books, magazines as well as catalogs.

Their vast collection includes books related to Indian Gold Jewelry, Indian Diamond Jewelry, Traditional Indian Jewelry and even technical books related to the art of crafting jewelry. One visit to their book store and you can find information about jewelry, jewelry manufacturers, jewelry suppliers, jewelry showrooms, jewelry gold smiths and of course jewelry designers.

Vaishali Book Center provides books, catalogs and magazines from abroad. Their long list of foreign publications include: Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, U.S.A, France, U.K., Switzerland, Italy and also U.A.E.

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Vaishali Book Centre
115/121, Mumbadevi Rd, Babu Pannalal Pooranchand Jain High School Bldg., Shop No. 5,
Mumbai - 400 003
Tel. No. :  91 22 2344 1413  / 91 22 2342 2082
Fax : 91 22 2344 0548
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Contact Person:
Mr. Jayesh Shah