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Blinex Filter - Coat Pvt. Ltd.
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Teflon/ P T F E Thick Coatings
Product Name : Teflon/ P T F E Thick Coatings
Description : Blinex Filter-Coat Pvt. Ltd. presents Teflon / PTFE Thick Coating.....

Fine Bubble Membrane Diffusers
Product Name : Fine Bubble Membrane Diffusers
Description : Membrane sleeve with precision perforated " I " slits expands to .....

Porous Plastic Materials
Product Name : Porous Plastic Materials
Description : Porous Plastic Filter Materials are made of Polypropylene, PTFE, .....

XYLAN® Coated Fasteners
Product Name : XYLAN® Coated Fasteners
Description : A coating prevents galling and reduces both `make-up` and `break-.....

Plastic Filter Housings
Product Name : Plastic Filter Housings
Description : Blinex Filter-Coat Pvt. Ltd. introduces Plastic Filter Housings i.....
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