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Blinex Filter - Coat Pvt. Ltd.
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Porous Plastic Materials
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Porous Plastic Filter Materials are made of Polypropylene, PTFE, HDPE, Cellulose Acetate, Polystyrene, which ranges from 5 to 250 microns. Form of rods, hollow pipes, sheets and joined parts of porous with a non-porous plastic and can be moulded as per your drawing and dimension. Porous Plastic Materials also offers the features like dimensionally stable, uniform pore size, smooth surface, light weight, resistance to shocks, free from rot, corrosion, odourless, tasteless and non-toxic, conform to use with food products, easy to machine, can be welded and glued, high dielectric constant, hydrophilic, custom moulding availability, Tortuous filteration path as a "depth filter". Porous POLYPORô plastics are used throughout industry, medicine and the home; for applications ranging from noise reduction to air, water and chemical filteration; from marker pen tips to automotive battery safety vents; from surgical implants to clinical laboratory filters.
Porous Plastic Materials, Wholesale Porous Plastic Materials from India
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Blinex Filter - Coat Pvt. Ltd.
A 2-3, Nand Bhuvan Indtl. Est., Mahakali Road, Andheri - ( East ),
Mumbai-400 093
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